Angela actively maintains both a personal and an AMDIO Method branded digital media presence.

Angela is active, personally, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The AMDIO Method brand has active accounts with Facebook and Instagram.

Angela’s and AMDIO Method’s combined social following is over 90,000 as of January 2017.

AMDIO Method also maintains a centralized website across three domains and a native mobile application available for Apple and Android phones and tablets. The same native application has been rendered in html5 for accessibility on all other platforms.

Through this comprehensive digital network, Angela is able to communicate with her audience in real-time. It is her belief that this level of engagement is demanded by her loyal fans, and she continually strives to deliver the quality content that her fans deserve.


 Angela’s personal Facebook


 AMDIO Method’s Facebook fan page (Verified Page)


 Angela’s personal Instagram


 AMDIO Method’s Instagram


 Angela and AMDIO Method on Twitter (Verified Account)


AMDIO Method app (Mobile device only)