Finding Inspiration Around The Holidays – Part One

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344yt3tyHolidays And Inspiration

The holiday season flies by quicker than any other time of the year. First, there’s Halloween and what seems to be within minutes, we’re already celebrating New Year’s Eve. It can be hard to find inspiration within the holiday season, but with these two helpful tips, you’ll be able to continue participating in your own personal developmental exercises to ensure you have a successful end to 2016 and a great beginning to 2017.

Healthy Eating

The hardest thing to do around the holiday season is continuously eating healthy. During this time of year, there is an abundance of cookies, cakes, chocolate candies, meat pies, mashed potatoes and gravy, ham, desserts, and other delicious treats that are clogging our arteries and putting fat on our hips. It can be hard to say ‘no’ to the delicious treats, especially when it’s at work and you sit at a desk and continuously nosh on delicious treats. Instead of eating the unhealthy fatty and sugary treats during the holidays, try making healthy eating decisions. It might be hard at first to ignore the sweet treats, but at the end of the holiday season you’ll be thankful that you stayed on the healthy side of eating. Try some healthy dessert recipes such as dark chocolate covered fruits, baked goods that don’t use flour, sugar, or butter and instead uses coconut flour, oils, and honey, and stay away from greasy foods. You can also continue eating healthy by avoiding the snack room at work and bringing healthy snacks to cut down on mindless noshing. Can’t resist the homemade cupcakes brought in by your coworker? Have a bite, and give the rest to someone else.


In addition to eating healthy to stay inspired, also stay inspired by helping people who don’t have the same resources you do. Choose to help people who may not have the same opportunities as you, who may be living on the street, or who might be trying to take care of others but can’t help themselves. For instance, volunteering doesn’t only have to be about feeding the hungry or giving money to the Salvation Army. Volunteering can mean anything. It can mean babysitting your friend’s kids while he or she takes some time to themselves. It can mean spending time with family you don’t see all the time and making them feel loved. It can mean taking the time to donate money to some of your family and friends favorite organizations. Helping others is a great way to stay inspired about what you have access to in your life, and it reminds you how thankful you should be for what you do have.

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