AMD_Main_C_1536x2048The AMDIO Method by Angela Manuel Davis promotes lasting CHANGE from the inside out.

I believe that all of the physical changes that we are in search of have a mental, emotional, and spiritual origin. In order to be the highest expression of ourselves, change must come from within. My approach to training equalizes the focus of the physical and the spiritual.” -Angela Manuel Davis

ANGELA DAVIS is an international fitness evangelist and motivational coach who lives by the motto “too blessed to be stressed.” As a former member of the USA Track and Field Team, Angela was a five –time All-American who held world rankings in the 100 meters. Angela was also an Olympic Trials semi-finalist, a member of the World Championship team and a professional runner for Nike. Angela has appeared on and was a part of national arena tour in 2014. Today Angela can be found instructing one of the most sought-after Soul Cycle classes with celebrity clients like Usher, David Beckham, Kerry Washington and so many others. Angela is also the creator of the AMDIO Method, which promotes lasting change from the inside out. Angela lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jerome, and their sons, Edward and Lorenzo.

Just as important as physical exercise is to strengthen our physical muscles it is of equal importance to exercise your faith to strengthen your faith muscles. We must believe in ourselves and our abilities to understand that we have everything on the inside of us that we need to be all we were created and intended to be. As we begin to experience internal change, that change will manifest as physical change. You wonder how you are able to change your life around. The answer is by developing personal exercises for both the body and the soul. Motivate yourself and start the change, both physically and mentally. This will allow us to stand as strong and courageous beings, able to live in purpose.